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Comfort Food Cabaret

"This is one dinner party invitation you shouldn't turn down."

(The Advertiser)


 Comfort Food Cabaret is the creation of Australia’s singing cook, Michelle Pearson. Since its debut in February 2017, Comfort Food Cabaret has been performed 60 times to 5500 people, over three different continents. Diners are serenaded by the soulful songstress as she creates a delicious three course menu celebrating comfort food accompanied by the perfect playlist of jazz, rock and pop tunes.

"Magnificent." (Edinburgh Deadline News)

"Pearson gives Nigella Lawson a run for her money! Sensual and pitch perfect, with a belt to envy." (Stage Whispers)

Comfort Food Cabaret has played acclaimed performances at Copenhagen’s three Michelin star Restaurant Geranium, Australia House and Freemasons Hall in London, the Edinburgh Fringe, Tasting Australia, Adelaide Fringe and the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. The show has also been performed at restaurants and wineries around Australia and in the private homes of lucky foodies. Guests are wined and dined and delighted by Michelle's warm hospitality, hilarious storytelling, indulgent cooking and stunning vocals.


The popular musical food sensation was awarded best cabaret in 2017 from the SA Theatre Guide and can be performed in different formats including tasting and full dinner performances.  To present the experience, Michelle works with a team of cooks to create and serve the menu or works with on-site chefs and restaurant staff.

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